IT4U – When IT really mattersIT4U is a young & dynamic company that provides professional Information Technology (IT) service and support for small to medium sized businesses.
As founders, Effy Leibovich and Erez Levy, we possess a vast knowledge of the IT field and professional solutions that we have acquired over the years. Our willingness to share this knowledge with others brought us together to create ’IT4U’.Our goal is to become the “One Stop Shop” for all of your organization’s IT needs. Areas of expertise include but are not limited to the following: PC & Servers, Network, Internet, Office Applications, Backup strategy, Data protection.We Are Different!
Commercial IT system support service providers are a dime a dozen. We are one in a million. We provide IT support so your computer will serve you; not the other way around. Years of experience have taught us that services should provide custom based support for your organization’s specific needs.Our best sales reps are our customers. Among our customers, you will find: high-tech & start-up companies, legal firms, financial institutions, tourism companies, educational foundations & many more.We follow these simple guidelines:


• Professional support and high-level service combined with a reasonable price.
• Custom suited solutions for the organization’s actual computer needs.
• Personal attention, hand-in-hand partnership, and dedication to the success of the organization.


Contact us
Skype: IT4U-Support
Support tool: download remote IT4U.
Land Line: +972 3 751 0292
Mobile: +972 52 566 1050